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TRD was born to bring people together to live, love and laugh.

The Red Door is a diverse team of skilled chefs and event designers. We are a customer-conscious team that takes great pleasure in presenting fresh, local ingredients, expertly prepared for the best dining experience. 
We are earth-friendly, sustainable and environmentally conscious. We support local businesses—and seek out minority-owned business and youth development focused partners. We also support local farmers and producers to gather the best organic, seasonal ingredients.

From Our Founder & CEO:
Reign Free

I am part of a big West Indian family that spans three continents. I’ve been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, seated on a stool beside my mother. Food and its preparation and presentation was almost a sacred trust in my family, each family member had their specialties and recipe secrets. College took me to another culinary hub, New Orleans, Louisiana where my Caribbean roots joined forces with the French, Pan-Asian and Low Country influences of that region. I founded The Red Door catering company in another culturally diverse culinary hub, Oakland, California. These foundational influences mean that diversity, a vast spice selection and authentic, global, comfort food are in our DNA.


Cooking and community are also in my blood. They are the bedrock of The Red Door Catering. What we’ve built is not just a catering business—it’s a community of fun-loving, discerning foodies who have faithfully supported my company as they dined on our food. We take great pride in that and are humbled by the support. Our clients have grown with us, and we with them, making memories and expanding our creative, culinary community.

Tying the knot this year? First off, congratulations! For 2022 we have decided to launch a campaign to shift our focus from the challenging times of the last two years of the pandemic and focus on LOVE!

Love Is…. 22 Weddings in 2022

Each of our couples will not only receive a memorable dining experience but will also receive a special date night gift from us. We currently have only a few dates available for this year so if you would like to be one of our featured couples for 2022 please contact us soon.

Schedule your discovery call at the link below.

You can also get a sneak peek of some of our menu offerings, venues, and creatives we love.